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Over the years the NCAA has made different rules that do not always seem like pure amateurism.

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Certain channels are devoted just for that particular sport, keeping viewers updated and thirsting to get out and play just like professionals on television.

In addition, cannot receive any benefits from an agent or a potential agent.Colleges, especially big Division 1 universities, bring in millions during football season.Athletes send in so much revenue to their current colleges and they get nothing in return.Collegiate sports are not a career or profession it is a way for students to earn a higher education degree.College is a time when young adults are supposed to learn and prepare themselves for their futures paying them will teach them the importance of managing money and working hard.

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Free College Essay Persuasive Essay- Paying College Athletes.This implies that sport scholarships are not always a safe way to obtain a degree.

The NCAA and the colleges earn enough money made by college athletes, to get the athletes out of poverty.NCAA Schools Can Absolutely Afford To Pay College Athletes, Economists Say.

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Ever since the NCAA was founded in 1906, it has always maintained that its student-athletes are amateurs within their respected sports.During the course of the season the colleges make millions, meanwhile the players receive nothing.Most colleges could not afford to give their college athletes more than what they already give in scholarships.In order to prevent the loss of a key player colleges are forced to persuade them to stay with materialistic items such as cars, houses, and money.

One of the major problems in college athletics today is the issue of athletes receiving impermissible benefits from colleges and their boosters.This costly decision of choosing to leave school and try to cash in a few years too early can wind up costing someone big time in the long run as we can clearly see in this example.Because money is scarce they are tempted to take money from agents and other boosters.

The NBA has seen many different players come and go throughout its 50 years of existence.Faith bandler faith hope and reconciliation essay writer milton blake analysis essay Ww1 essay introduction einleitung argumentative essay on death essay about action.The college basketball and football games that everyone watches on TV is no longer just a game, it is a business.

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These athletes need to be rewarded and credited for their achievements.Many people believe that they should and many believe they should not.

Why should they receive even more benefits than their scholarship and numerous perks.These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).

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The temptation to take easy classes to get an easy degree may prove too much to students who care more about making their academic requirement, and thus being able to play their sport, than taking classes for a degree that would provide a career outside of col.Some believe that providing a payment would further complicate the issue, but others say that it would end all of the problems.It is a NCAA violation for college athletes to be compensated in any way from anybody.