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The studies discussed in this review cite both potentially positive and potentially negative effects on students, highlighting the difficulty in forming sound conclusions about the value of homework.

The Impact of Homework on Student Achievement

Additionally, some research suggests that the positive relationship with student achievement weakens when middle school students spend more than one hour on homework per day (Cooper et al. 2006).Townsend (1995) examined the association between homework and achievement in language acquisition among third graders.

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Similarly, in an examination of parent and student perceptions, Coutts (2004) found that homework may take away leisure time and may not be as varied or useful as work done in class.But once the researchers controlled for other variables, such as the type of classes they had taken, that relationship disappeared, just as it had for Keith (see note 2).Students enrolled in college physics courses were surveyed to determine whether any features of their high school physics courses were now of use to them.Supposed disadvantages include loss of interest in school due to burnout, lack of leisure time, interference by parents, cheating, and disparity between performance levels of students.Why do teachers assign homework and does it improve academic.Does Homework Have a Greater Negative or Positive Effect on. measured through test scores. homework can help learners stay on task and prepare them for.

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. who argue for reducing or abolishing homework, more homework seems to be helping students with test scores. in these countries spend the most time doing...Interactive assignments that bring parent and child together to extend school-day content may be useful.

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As this review will show, the research suggests that homework may benefit some students under certain conditions.Mathematics is an exceptional subject that can help to get high scores. to carry out these math tests. Test. your homework The goal of our.Cooper (1989a) argues that reviews on the link between homework and achievement often directly contradict one another and are so different in design that the findings of one study cannot be evaluated fairly against the findings of others.

There does seem to be a correlation between homework and standardized test scores, but (a).Specifically, traditional, daily, and graded homework had the greatest positive impact on student achievement in the fourth and fifth grades.Information from international assessments shows little relationship between the amount of homework students do and test scores.

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In the early 1960s, parents became concerned that children were not being assigned enough homework in the belief that homework was essential for academic excellence (Gill and Schlossman 2004).De Jong, Westerhof, and Creemers (2000) accounted for the relationship of many factors to one another in examining homework and math education.However, students spending more time on something that is not easy to understand or needs to be explained by a teacher does not help these students learn and, in fact, may confuse them.Adding to this hypothesis, Cooper, Lindsay, and Nye (2000) found that students whose parents were more involved in their homework had lower test scores and class grades.The positive and negative effects of homework can be grouped into categories.Heavy homework loads should not be used as a main strategy for improving home-school relations or student achievement.The lack of unequivocal connections between homework and learning, combined with strong opinions both for and against homework, may spur policymakers to take a closer look at the issue.

Teachers report assigning extension and integration homework far less frequently than practice and preparation homework (Murphy and Decker 1989).A quasi-experimental study by Van Voorhis (2003) looked at science homework involving interaction between parent and student to measure its impact on family involvement and academic achievement. (Such a study tests causal hypotheses without random assignment.) The researcher found that these assignments promoted higher levels of parent involvement than did noninteractive assignments.School board members have long struggled with this question as they strive to implement policies that will support student learning.

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Interestingly, student achievement was lower in countries where homework counted toward grades, where it was the basis of classroom discussion, and where students corrected homework in class.

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What research says about the value of homework: At a glance What research says about the value of homework: Research review.

The link between assignment of homework and student achievement is far from clear, as noted by Cooper and other researchers (Trautwein and Koller 2003).County Solid Waste Management District. Hendricks County Solid Waste Management.

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Researchers also have examined possible nonacademic benefits from homework.For better or worse, homework is on the rise in the United States.The small number of studies conducted on the impact of homework assigned for different purposes leaves policymakers with little evidence on which to base decisions.