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We know it through personal experience, and we know it through published studies.Perhaps that is not perjury, but an army officer could not do that.A custom is a social norm stemming from tradition and enforced as an. unwritten law.Once the officer acknowledges your salute or passes you, drop your salute.

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Well, you could say that it is education that teaches children not only curriculum, but also how to be respectful to everyone and everything around them, you may.Military courtesy is simply the. display of good manners and politeness in dealing with other people.

MILITARY COURTESY - act of politeness, civility and respect that a personnel in the military. organization accord to one another.Not showing them respect will result in getting yourself in trouble that will make yourself look bad to your other superiors.A custom is a way of acting in a manner that has been continued constantly over a long period of time.A Professional Discussion: Army Customs Courtesies and Traditions.

Respect is important in the design of the military system itself. You have.But he has also to keep in his heart the betterment of the country, the good of society and the interest of the. nation.Without respect you cant have team work and care for other peoples well being.

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AR 60025, Salutes, Honors and Visits of Courtesy. 600-3, The Army Personnel. army regulation 600-25 pdf.You were being disciplined at home and in school when you were taught obedience to your parents and teachers, and respect for the rights of others.I have heard, but I do not know it that well, so I looked up the lyrics.

They convey greetings, understanding and respect to those that are junior or senior to you.Saluting: Definition of a salute-A salute is a visual representation of mutual respect intended to recognize other members.

The purpose of this lesson is for students to comprehend the etiquette surrounding military protocol, flags.Customs and Courtesies Introduction: Customs and Courtesies Introduction The Military has a long history.Customs and Courtesies: What to do during reveille, retreat, taps. Military customs and courtesies also apply to Airmen in a physical training uniform.I personally give respect until someone gives me a reason to not respect them.And military customs and courtesies are designed to help ensure respect for the chain of command.

Some of the most important customs of all are those of military courtesy.Continental Army, Flag of the United States, Francis Scott Key.All in the group must remain at attention unless otherwise ordered if the officer addresses the group or a member of the group.However, everyone must stand during the playing of the national anthem, such as before a movie is played in a base theater.

The courtesies form a strict and sometimes elaborate code of conduct.Ranging from saluting to. singing there are a variety of customs and courtesies followed by service members of the United States Army.

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From a military standpoint the difference can. mean life or death for a soldier.The seven army values set forth the foundation on which you build yourself as a soldier and your career in the army.Chief Master Sergeant, Enlisted ranks of the United States Air Force, Military rank.Once the conversation has ended, the group salutes the officer.

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As a soldier I pledged to treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same.Marine Corps customs and courtesies are very important to the way the Marine Corps works.As a basic everyone is expected to address everyone by their proper tittles.

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