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There are many events that should be look at as triggering events.Transcript of Causes of the Civil War Flow Chart. the two major parties who had tried to avoid the issue in congress for a long time. Long Term Care Facility.The past decade has witnessed an explosion of research into the causes and consequences of civil. to identify the causes of civil war. in Long-Term Asset.

Out of this great war the bankers then as in today made the money as in every war. interesting fact is that Lincoln was going to do away with the Federal Reserve as John Kennedy was.A series of activities tied to the Civil War, its causes, and its repercussions.Please dont believe me pick up books and read and decide for your self.The nation had been divided by the controversy of states rights and slavery.Use the chart and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question.

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The triggering event of the American Civil War could be either the compromise of 1850,.

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Long term causes of the Civil War. fill out a SPRITE Chart or to complete a Flip chart of the causes of the Civil War.

The battle was the first major battle between the Union and the confederates that was won by the confederates and created controversy in the north causing the north to take more military actions towards the south and starting the war.

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Long-Term and Short-Term Causes of the American Civil War. Civil Wars The Americans American History Visual Aids Charts.The Civil War Causes And Their Effects ( T Chart) The Civil War Causes And Their Effects. t chart, template,.The Compromise of 1850 was a series of laws that attempted to resolve the territorial and slavery controversies arising from the Mexican-American War.


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The United States presidential election of 1860 set the stage for the American Civil War.ABOUT THE CIVIL WAR: Causes of the War: Timeline of Events:.

While the north and south had differences, The compromise of 1850 intensified their political differences between the two.


The Impact of Disease on the Civil War. in detail about the ramifications and long term effects of war,. will review with students what a KWL chart is.The world bank owns them so the USA has to buy their money from a foreign printer and the printer is making money based on what.

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Many historians think there were three causes of the Civil War.

What were the short term and long term results of the War of. of the Civil War.Which created conflict between the two side on how their economies should run.Civil War and Reconstruction Unit. Identify both the long term and short term causes of the Civil War. pictures, maps, charts,.The south believed in slavery and that each state should be independent and govern itself.The north was heading in the other direction by industrializing their economy and viewed slavery as immoral and no longer need for economic purposes.

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