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An adjournment that terminates an annual session of Congress.Mark-up: This is when a committee meets to discuss and potentially pass a bill so that it may be considered for passage by the full legislative body.Introduced version summaries are subject to length limitations as a matter of policy.The US Midterm Elections and Their. (who serve six-year terms),. that a person be at least 30 years old by the time he or she takes the oath of office,.Legislation that is substantially similar in both text and meaning.A label used by committees to identify bills that were not formally referred to the committee but which the committee has worked on.Companion measures, procedurally-related measures, and legislation with text similarities are other related bill types.

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A form of legislative measure used to propose changes in law, or to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.US Senators Average Tenure Increasing. to limit the terms of their congressional delegations but the US. term of 49 years in office held by Robert.Short titles may change as the bill moves through the legislative process.The Congressional Budget Office is the Federal agency responsible for composing and reporting data related to the federal budget for members of Congress.

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Glossary of Terms Related to Congressional Records The following are terms that may appear in description of congressional records.Relationships indicated on this basis also include cases where language of one measure is found intact in another, often larger, measure.

If you are seeking help with a problem involving a federal agency, and if it is an emergency (e.g. visas, passports, disability services and benefits), please call the Salt Lake City office to ensure prompt assistance.Written statement or petition presented to Congress by the legislature of a state or territory that may affect the proceedings of a committee or Congress in general.

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The Senate does not differentiate between memorials and petitions.Appropriations: This is a certain type of legislation which gives permission for each federal agency and department to spend a specific amount of money for a set period of time, usually a year.Identical bills, procedurally-related measures, and legislation with text similarities are other related bill types.Glossary of Congressional Terms 3 N-Z Minority Whip: The assistant to the minority leader.A form of legislative measure introduced and potentially acted upon by only one congressional chamber and used for the regulation of business only within the chamber of origin.The more complex a bill becomes, the more likely the bill is to acquire additional titles.The document presenting an agreement reached by a joint temporary committee (a conference committee) appointed to negotiate a compromise between the House and Senate.Temporary joint committee created to resolve differences between House-passed and Senate-passed versions of a measure.

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If any member objects to such a request, it is not agreed to.Members are then selected from both the House and the Senate to serve on this committee.

Referred to Committee: Once a bill has been introduced, it is referred to a committee that has jurisdiction over the subject matter in the bill.The text of a treaty as submitted to the Senate by the executive branch, as well as letters of transmittal from the President and the Secretary of State, and accompanying background documentation.Popular titles are usually not found within official legislative texts (e.g., the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is commonly known as the health care reform bill).Session: This is the time period during which the House or Senate is actively considering and voting on legislation in Washington D.C.Find Bills by Subject and Policy Area provides subject term search guidance.Vehicle: This is a bill that holds legislative language that may be altered with things such as riders or amendments.